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Our team at Creative Mindsets LLC is composed of consultants with diverse backgrounds who collaborate to help our clients develop a tailored e-learning plan that suits the needs of their learners. We provide the necessary tools for learners to effectively maximize their results in specific courses.

E-Learning: Transforming The Way We Retain Information

Which program is right for your learners or clients?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) blocks

LMS Platform

A Learning Management System (LMS) creates a virtual hub for e-learners to access training resources and its used to provide a central location for educational resources across an organization.

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Webinar Platform

A webinar platform within an organization would help bring live learning experience into the digital realm and allow e-learners to participate in real-time lectures, discussions, and interactive sessions.



Microlearning allows
e-learners to focus on specific learning units in short modules that help them to learn a new skill or improve upon an old skill using concise and engaging content.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) blocks

Simulation Learning

Gamified learning integrates game elements to elevate online training experience by enhancing learner engagement, motivation and adding incentives to keep learners engaged in the process.


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