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Empower your E-Learning potential with Creative Mindsets LLC. Our team specializes in developing continuing educational strategies to enhance your capabilities. Let us help you unleash your full potential and take youronline learning to the next level.

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Specializing in training for content creation, video content development, and the creation of interactive content that is easily accessible for learners and are comfortable for all skill levels.


Driving success with technology by advocating for learners to access educational materials and collaborate with others using virtual reality to create interactive learning experiences.


Distributing innovative programs that effectively manage the delivery of top-rated course material, ensuring that eLearning content is easily accessible, engaging, and impactful.

Interactive Levels: An Insight into E-Learning

Which training or curriculum is right for your clients or learners?

Passive - No Interaction

Passive Level:  Learners engage in this level by watching videos or lectures on the screen and then complete exercises based on reading.

Limited interaction

Learners can take advantage of engaging learning through interactive quizzes and lessons, which would help foster more active participation and enhanced learning experiences.

Moderate Interaction

Learners have increased autonomy over their training by engaging in dynamic activities that go beyond mere content delivery and empowers them to strike a harmonious balance between active learning and personal growth.

Simulation Interaction

Learners interact extensively through educational games that incorporate 3D simulations, custom videos, and interactive 3D objects, providing advanced levels of sophistication.


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